Aziza Benchekroun’s Five-Day Preserved Lemon Special

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If you run out of preserved lemons, or decide on a few days’ notice to cook a chicken, lamb, or fish dish with lemons and olives and need preserved lemons in a hurry, you can use this quick five-day method taught to Paula Wolfert by a Moroccan diplomat’s wife. Lemons preserved this way will not keep, but are perfectly acceptable in an emergency. — Beth


With a razor blade, make 8 fine 2-inch vertical incisions around the peel of each lemon to be used. (Use organic where possible). Do not cut deeper than the membrane that protects the pulp. Place the incised lemons in a stainless-steel saucepan with plenty of salt and water to cover and boil until the peels become very soft. Place in a clean jar, cover with the cooled cooking liquor, and leave to pickle for approximately five days.

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