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“All true friendliness begins with fire and food…” – GK Chesterton

A little bit about the Winter family. We are an ever expanding, large extended family with a variety of different interests. However one thing that we have in common is we enjoy coming together and sharing a meal together. Our family loves to experience different cultures and in our journeys we have picked up various cooking skills and recipes from far flung lands, as well as from time spent together in the kitchen. Flavors fine tuned and adjustments noted in well worn cookbooks over family conversations add a patina to some of these recipes that is only acquired with time.

There are four main branches within our family and each one bringing in it’s own flair and specialty in regards to cooking. We hope that you enjoy trying out some of the recipes on this site as much as we have enjoyed collecting and refining them over the years.


  1. livoniagirl says:

    I uploaded a Chicken Tagine and it is now under Chicken but not under Gill Branch yet. How do I do that or does the site administrator do that?


    • Kevin says:

      Hey Beth,

      I went ahead and set it. I think it has to be set by an administrator. Take a look and make sure it’s how you like it.

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